About me

Welcome to my blog! Here, you can find some posts about my travels, lifestyle, my hometown or whatever I feel like sharing. Since English is not my mother tongue, I already apologize for any mistakes and I am always open for constructive criticism. Also, please don't take everything too seriously, I'm just a girl who enjoys sharing her thoughts with others...more




In this section you can find some things to do, food adventures and more of the places I've been to. I also always film a travel video and share my experiences with you.



My lifestyle blog basically covers everything I am currently interested in and feel like sharing. Also, be ready for some veganism and waste reduction posts.

Photography and Video


One of my favorite things to do is photography. Here, I'm going to share some photography basics, editing tips and some creative ideas and video stuff with you.



As my hometown, Vienna deserves a special position on this Blog. In this category, you're going to find all things Vienna. From restaurants, to shops and places. 

Blog and Social Media

blog and social media

I really don't know a lot about blogging, or social media, but I do learn new bits every day. In this section I want to share it all with you.

Thoughts & My life

Just everything my mind wants to let go and tell people. Especially 2 a.m. thoughts and books are prominent in this section. Also: your opinion is welcomed.