English · 2018/12/21
Photography has always been a mystery to me. At the beginning I thought it was all about the camera, but as time has gone by I realized that you can achieve great things with any camera if you focus on the composition and settings. It took me quite a few years to figure out some basic strategies and tipps on how to make better portraits and today I want to share my favorite ones with you.
English · 2018/12/19
Pinterest has been one of the most confusing social networks for me for years. I never understood the concept of the page. Whenever I clicked on a picture a page popped up, but I never understood why exactly. Until I one day read that Pinterest was about blogs. All these years I thought that it was about inspiration and sharing images (similar to WeHeartit or Instagram) when it was just all about blogs. And I still talk to a lot of people who tell me they just don't get Pinterest.

Last September, my best friends and I decided to explore the cyclades together. A few months before that, I wasn't even familiar with the term Island Hopping nor did I know how to prepare for it, but let me tell you, it's one of the best experiences I've ever made. That's why I want to tell you something about how I was able to afford such a huge trip and things you should know, before leaving home to explore Greece.
Some time ago me and my friends visited Barcelona. The city instantly captured my heart and I couldn't decide where to go first. To make it easier for all of you, I collected my top things you should do in Barcelona in this blogpost. If you have any additional recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments!

Last summer my family and I spent our vacation in Alicante in Spain. On the first glance the city seemed quite monotone, but when you stroll around for a bit you discover quite a few beautiful places. In this blogposts I collected all of these gems for you.
If you know me then you may know that one of my favorite things to do when exploring a new city is to eat. I just love discovering new cafés and restaurants and I'd literally spend all day trying out new stuff if it wasn't that expensive. Anyways, I made it to a few cool restaurants and cafés during my recent trip to Amsterdam and I'd love to share them with you!

Plastic. It's everywhere. No matter if we just want to buy a coke, some food, a children's toy, everything is wrapped in plastic. Of course, I do see the advantages, it's light, and you can easily throw it away after usage. But wait, should throwing it away after usage really be our goal? Well, I'm not so sure...