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English · 2019/01/16
As you may already know going on "food adventures" is one of my all time favorites while traveling. I love to discover a city by exploring new restaurants, cafés or just really cool places. However, I just recently realized that, although I live in Vienna and even used to blog about my hometown, I didn't post a "Food Adventures Vienna" post yet. So, as you may have already figured: here are my favorite places to grab some food or coffee in Vienna!
English · 2018/07/27
Last September, my best friends and I decided to explore the cyclades together. A few months before that, I wasn't even familiar with the term Island Hopping nor did I know how to prepare for it, but let me tell you, it's one of the best experiences I've ever made. That's why I want to tell you something about how I was able to afford such a huge trip and things you should know, before leaving home to explore Greece.

English · 2018/07/25
Some time ago me and my friends visited Barcelona. The city instantly captured my heart and I couldn't decide where to go first. To make it easier for all of you, I collected my top things you should do in Barcelona in this blogpost. If you have any additional recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments!
English · 2018/07/24
Last summer my family and I spent our vacation in Alicante in Spain. On the first glance the city seemed quite monotone, but when you stroll around for a bit you discover quite a few beautiful places. In this blogposts I collected all of these gems for you.