Food Adventures: Vienna

As you may already know going on "food adventures" is one of my all time favorites while traveling. I love to discover a city by exploring new restaurants, cafés or just really cool places. However, I just recently realized that, although I live in Vienna and even used to blog about my hometown, I didn't post a "Food Adventures Vienna" post yet. So, as you may have already figured: here are my favorite places to grab some food or coffee in Vienna!

#1 Sura - Korean food

Sura is my favorite place to get some Korean cuisine in Vienna. They recently renovated the restaurant and now offer Korean dishes as well as Korean BBQ. All the things you can get there are great in quality and pricing (for the location - as it is located in the heart of Vienna). They were formerly called Kyoto and the images provided here may not display all the available dishes. They are still very good, but a little high in pricing. If you crave some Korean food, Sura is definitely worth a visit.

#2 Café Neko

Café Neko, also called the "Cat Café" is a small Café where you can order some Coffee, Tea or Asian snacks and meanwhile pet some cats. The cats are sometimes shy, but sometime also really enjoy the company of the guests. The food and drinks taste very good and are all actually Japanese. Furthermore, it may be good to mention that though being a cat café, café Neko is very clean and plain. So even I (as a cat allergic) felt very comfortable being there and enjoyed the company of those cute cats.

#3 Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen started small, but has now become the probably biggest vegan fast food chain in Vienna. As you may already tell they sell fast food over there. They do have different burgers, fries, wraps, nuggets and deserts and all of the food served there is 100% vegan. It is a great way to grab some food on the go, or just meet with friends. The portion sizes are more than just filling and the food tastes delicious. They also offer a variety of choices and are therefor my favorite when it comes to vegan food in Vienna.

#4 Phil

Phil is my favorite café when it comes to studying. The whole atmosphere of this café is super inviting and comfortable and the people there are all really friendly. My favorite part about it is that Phil is not only a coffeeshop, but also sells some books. You can even read the books while drinking your coffee or eating your breakfast (which is also delicious there). If you then decide that you like a book, you can of course buy it, too. Also, as I've mentioned before, it's a perfect study spot and I love to just stay there and do my work. It's comfortable, they offer good food and you'll never feel like a burden when staying there for too long.

#5 Shoyu Ramen

Sauce Tonkatsu at Shoyu Ramen Vienna

Shoyu Ramen is a nice place to grab some ramen or other japanese dishes when strolling through the inner city. They do offer a variety of dishes and also some vegetarian and vegan options. The pricing is fine, too (compared to the location) and they will definitely serve you some good quality food. The atmosphere is nice and the staff there is very corteous. I especially love the option to create your own ramen and choose the toppings yourself. You can always spice your food up afterwards with the provided soy sauce, spices and sesame seeds. 

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